Sunday, May 14, 2017

High Interst Day & More

May Crowning
Alex's 2nd grade class had May Crowning on Wednesday where all the First Communicants dressed up for the school and had a nice prayer service to honor Mary.  Everyone looked so nice and it was great to capture those moments on camera!
May Crowning
Alex & Trent
Timmy, Jake & Alex

Alex & Ben
Alex's class

The whole second grade class

Second grade boys
High Interest Day
Alex and Sean had High Interest Day on Friday which is a super fun day for the students at Holy Apostles.  I was able to volunteer and help out in Sean’s room.  They pained really cute Mother’s Day picture frames during their art session.  They made super yummy and healthy snacks during a session.  They ended their day with fun science experiments and relay races outside.  I was able to help out in one session Alex had so helped his group make Flubber.  He rotated with fun sessions such as camping, magician, explosive science which he loves and he even got to stand inside a huge bubble.  Such a fun day for the kids!
Making yummy snacks :)

Making Flubber!

So much fun!!!

Working hard on my Mother's Day gift :)
So much fun in 4K!

Standing inside a bubble!

Relay race time...Go Seanie!!!

Sean and Mrs. Borgh :)

Brady, Sean and Jayden

Mother's Day
The boys were so excited to spoil me on Mother’s Day this year.  They made me beautiful keepsake gifts at school and wrote such nice things in their cards.  In Alex’s words, “I love you more than my heart!”  Now that’s a lot of love!  We enjoyed brunch with my Mom and then Dave’s Mom treated us to the Brewers game where we sat right behind the Brewers dugout.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Mother’s Day! 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you to our amazing Moms!  They are incredible role models to us and to our kids.  We are blessed beyond words!!!   xoxo
Happy Mother's Day, Nana!

Cutie pies :)

Hugs from the grandkids :)
Celebrating all the Moms!
I am one lucky Mom!!!

What a great game!  Manny Pina was doused with water after he hit a 3 run game-winning home run in the 8th.

Alex and Sean both walked away from the game with a ball!  What a great afternoon!

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