Sunday, June 17, 2018

Conquering the Goliath

We planned our annual summer Great America trip with the cousins.  It was a full day of rides, laughs, bravery and lots and lots of fun!  We got to the park when it opened and didn’t get home until 10:00 PM.  The crowds weren’t too bad so we were able to ride everything we wanted and then ride our favorites again.
Great America

Staying cool on a hot day!

The American Eagle

Such a fun day spent with cousins!

 It was Anna’s first time at Great America.  We started off with the Whizzer which is always a nice “warm-up” ride for everyone.  As we got closer to the ride, Anna was in tears and didn’t want to go on.  After many glaring looks from other Moms in line of “how dare you make that little girl ride if she doesn’t want to,” Anna went on the ride and she loved it.  It ended up being her favorite ride that she rode four times!

The BEFORE picture!

The AFTER picture!
Lovin' the rides!
Riding the Demon :)

Before we left, I measured Sean and he was just tall enough to ride more of the bigger rides, including Goliath.  Alex, Tyler and Hailey talk this ride up big time.  We went on it earlier in the day because the line wasn’t too bad and Sean didn’t want any part of it.  As the day goes on, it’s time to choose a few more rides before it’s time to go home.  Alex and Tyler want to go on Goliath again.  Sea n asks me if I will sit next to him.  Despite my pounding headache, it’s a definite “YES” for me.  I’m so excited for Sean!  

I can tell he’s apprehensive when we first get on the ride.  We immediately embrace our hands and Sean closes his eyes.  The first drop is the scariest.  As we are slowly inching up to the top, I look over and there are tears rolling down Sean’s face.  We get down the 85 degree drop and I look over again, and Sean has his eyes open with the biggest grin on his face.  He loved the ride and said it was his favorite one of the day!  I’m so proud of him for conquering the Goliath!
Conquering the Goliath!

Sean is officially in the "Goliath" club :)

There's no better place Dave would rather be on Father's Day than the ball park.  Alex and his U9 New Berlin Magic team played in the championship game today and took runner-up to the Milwaukee Angels.  The boys fought hard and we were so proud of them!
Way to go, Magic!
 Dave is so darn proud of his boys and embraces his role as their Dad every single day. We sure snagged a good one!  Happy Father's Day our amazing, selfless Dad that keeps us laughing and brightens our every day.  We think you are pretty incredible!  We love you!!!  XOXO
Happy Father's Day!

Thanks for enduring the heat, Grandma, and treating us to Oscars :)
 We got to celebrate Father's Day yesterday with everybody at the dual birthday party for Anna and Katelyn.  Such a fun emoji party!  The kids stayed cool in the kiddie pool on such a hot 90 degree day!

The kids love their Papa Bob and he's definitely that one-of-a-kind, amazingly perfect person!  We are so blessed to honor such an incredible person on Father's Day for the love and kindness he shares with us every single day of the year.    

Happy Father's Day to our Papa Bear!

We love you, Dad!

Wrestling in the pool!  Boys will be boys!

Let's go swimming!!!

Happy birthday to my Goddaughter, Miss Anna Banana!!!

These boys are best buds!

Happy Birthday Miss Katelyn!

 We've been busy already and it's only the start of summer.  Sean's in full swing with playing on his baseball team.  He is lovin' it and can really hit that ball hard.  He's making good plays as a fielder too.  He really gets dialed into his games and it's so much fun to watch!

Alex cheering on his brother :)  Go Sean!!!
Alex played select soccer this past spring and his season just ended.  He missed some games due to baseball overlapping but his team went undefeated in their league.  Alex played in their last league game and scored the winning goal in the final minute of the game.  He's got a cannon leg like his Mom!  Way to go New Berlin Belfast for a great season!!!

Alex and Riley :)

Hanging with the mascots :)

Havin' fun with the Panther!

Sean and Logan kept busy at the Kicknic :)

New Berlin Belfast

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Baseball Stars

A weekend filled with baseball for the U9 Magic team and it ended in a championship for the boys.  They played awesome all weekend long.  One game went to extra innings until Alex got a walk-off hit to win the game!!  So exciting and enjoyable to watch!  Alex also participated in the home run derby on Friday.  He took first place in home runs and fastest around the bases and he took second in speed pitch.  Great job, Alex!

Sean started his season this past week and is loving it already.  He already had some really nice hits and is down and ready to field any ball that comes his way!  He is looking sharp in his bright green uniform and fancy baseball pants.  Enough watching Alex's games; this is your time to shine, Sean!

First place Champions!
Celebrating the victory!!!

Thanks to Uncle Mark and Grandma & Grandpa Michna for watching Alex's games all weekend!
Thanks to Papa and Nana for cheering Alex on!
U9 Division Champions

Sean was a trooper all weekend watching all four games!

This ball player is ready to hit home runs!

Best catcher I've ever seen!

Hailey and Logan celebrated their birthdays over Memorial Day weekend.  Hailey is now a teenager - What?!  And Logan is in double digits!  We had a great time and had some competitive games of lightening going on.  No more "letting" the kids win anymore.  They are better than the parents now so it's a true fight to see who is last standing!
Happy Birthday to Logan!

Hanging with our cousins!

Happy Birthday Miss Hailey!

Alex and Tyler on scooters!

Tyler and Sean playing bags.

The desserts are so yummy!

Nana and Katelyn are so cute together in their matching tops :)

Wishing my Godson the best birthday a super fun year ahead!!!
We also celebrated Steve and Carla's birthday on Memorial Day.  We had to stay cool in the 90 degree heat so the kids had a water gun fight in the back yard followed by an intense kick ball game!  It was a fun time as usual.  The cousins are so lucky to have each other!  They are all best friends to each other!!!
Water gun fight!!!

Battle of the cousins!!!

Ice cream time!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

School Activies

Alex and Sean have been having fun in school as the last few weeks wind down before summer.  They had their Spring Concert this past week and it was Disney themed.  I think it was my favorite one yet because I knew all the songs and it brought back so many great memories of our trip to Disney.  The boys did awesome!  Even though they were not thrilled with having to sing, they got up on stage and belted the tunes!  It was so enjoyable to watch :)
Sean's class singing their hearts out to Peter Pan!

Alex's 3rd grade class!

Such a nice concert!
Thanks for coming Papa & Nana!

Sean and Brady with their matching Disney shirts :)

Alex Q and Alex M
 Alex and Sean have both been on fun field trips with their class this past month.  Seanie got to go to Green Meadows farm and the weather was beautiful for them.  His favorite part was petting the soft goat!  Alex had walked to Malone Park and had a fun "sports day" one afternoon.  He couldn't have been more excited!!!
Sean with his 5K class at Green Meadows Farm

Sports Day!  Go yellow team!!!
 Alex had been working hard on researching an "important person" for a class assignment.  Besides writing up the final paper, the 3rd graders put on a "Wax Museum" for the entire school to enjoy and learn about each of their people.  Alex picked Michael Jordan and learned all about him.  When we walked around the "Wax Museum," the kids sat in their chairs real still until you pressed their button, and then they came alive and explained who they were and why they were important.  Besides Michael Jordan, we got to meet Babe Ruth, Lucille Ball, J.K. Rowlings, Ronald Reagan, Michael Jackson and the list goes on!  It was really interesting and all the kids did such a wonderful job!
Hello, I'm Michael Jordan!

So proud of you, Alex!
As a late birthday celebration, Alex had a few friends sleepover on Friday.  There was a lot of energy in our house with these boys but they gave me six solid hours of sleep so I was happy about that!  Then we got together with some friends last week and had a super fun time duck pin bowling at Thirsty Duck.  So nice to catch up with old friends!  It doesn't matter how much time goes by, we pick up right where we left off!!! 
Jake, Sean, Keegan & Alex

Duck pin bowling with Ty and Josie!