Sunday, July 23, 2017

Green Meadows Farm

We are making the most of our summer and visiting all of our favorite places.  Today, we spent the afternoon at Green Meadows Petting Farm.  I'm starting to feel like we are outgrowing this place judging from all the small kids running around but Alex and Sean still loved it and we spent over four hours on the far.  It was a great Sunday and a fun family day!!!
Alex got to ride the pony, "Champ!"

Burying Sean in the corn pit!
Having fun with the kernels!

Hayride with my boys!

Wagon ride around the farm :)

Daddy and Sean :)

Zip lining across the hay bales!

Here comes Sean the Speedster!

Biggest version of Tic Tac Toe that I've ever seen!
Relaxing at Green Meadows Farm
The kids had Vacation Bible Camp this week which they really enjoyed.  Aunt Carla surprised the kids with a fun pool day following camp one day since it was so hot and humid outside.  I was quite shocked when I received a video at work showing Sean jumping off the diving board into the DEEP end.  Luckily, the lifeguards didn't have to jump in after him and we found out he can swim!  He was so proud of himself and told Aunt Carla, "I can't wait until I tell my Mom.  You are going to be in so much trouble!"  LOL!
Aunt Carla with five kiddos!
A break from the water for a treat!
We also visited Malone Park and played on the new playground.  We spent an afternoon at Chuck E Cheeses playing arcade games and winning prizes.  We've been enjoying the warm summer evenings with walks to our favorite pond nearby and sometimes bike rides around the neighborhood.  Tonight, Alex used his bike-riding skills to track down the ice cream truck that whizzed by our house.  Sean was in tears as he tried to chase it down with no luck!  It's a mystery to me how anyone ever has enough time to hear the music, grab money and get out the door before the truck drives by!    
Playing at Malone Park

Walking by the pond :)
Picking flowers for Mom :)

Look how pretty the sky looks!

We found the ice cream truck!  Happy boys!!!

Having fun on the roller coaster ride at Chuck E Cheese!

Alex hit the jackpot and scored 100 tickets!!!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer Baseball

This has certainly turned into a baseball filled summer and we can't complain!  Both Alex and Sean are wrapping up their seasons in the next couple of weeks and it has been so enjoyable for Dave and I to watch our boys in action.  Alex played in a tournament at Infinity Field in Waukesha last weekend and the team finished in 1st place which was awesome!  Alex has formed some awesome friendships on his team and he is lovin' every second of baseball this summer!  Sean got his first taste of baseball and I think he enjoyed it more than he thought he would.  He's gotten some really nice hits and he loves sliding in the dirt on defense!  He looks so darn cute in his uniform too!!!
Celebrating after Alex hit a homerun!

Great job, Magic!!!
1st Place Champions

Awesome job, Alex!
Playing tough defense!

Batter up!
Nice hit, Sean!!!
Running the bases!
What a cute ballplayer!

As fast as lightening!!!

Diving after the ball!

My little goofball!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Muskego Lake

We had one of the best days of summer today under the hot sun where we spent the day on Muskego Lake at Danny and Nikki's lake home.  It was the perfect summer day to play in the water and soak in the sun all afternoon.  Danny took us out on the boat and the kids got to go tubing and Hailey even tried wakeboarding.  We fished off the pier and jumped on the water trampoline.  Our favorite summer day yet so far!  Thanks for being such gracious hosts, Dan and Nikki! 
The cousins enjoying the afternoon at the lake.

The kids had an absolute blast!

Tyler, Alex and Logan

Water trampoline!

Papa and Nana :)

Thanks for taking us boating, Danny!

Having fun on the tube!

Fishing off the pier.

Anna caught a fish with Uncle Dan!

Daddy and Sean :)
Relaxing on a hot summer day!

The boys are ready to go tubing!

Hailey doing great on the wakeboard!!!

Gorgeous day for a boat ride!

Alex, Logan and Sean on the tube!

Logan and Papa Bob :)

Alex, Anna and Aunt Carla

Seanie and Logan liked to go fast on the tube!

Alex, Hailey and Tyler going for a ride!