Sunday, November 5, 2017

Penn Visit

Dave and his mom flew out east to visit Mark at the University of Pennsylvania for Family Weekend.  They had an amazing time and crammed as much as they could into the three short days.  Mark had the trip all planned out for them starting with a tour of the beautiful campus.  They took a train ride to New York City and walked about 12 miles taking in as many sights as they could in a day!  They were able to check out the historical museums on campus and Dave was in heaven with all the cool history and artifacts.  It was so nice for the three of them to spend time together!  Penn seems to be a perfect fit for Mark and he if off to a great start! 
Freedom Tower

New York City

Dave and Mark on campus
The boys were so excited when Dad got home!
Soccer season has finally ended.  Alex and Sean both had fantastic seasons. Neither one lost a game and they both had the majority of goals scored on their team which was awesome to watch!  Seanie was tenacious and hustled after the ball each week.  His speed and big kicks made him a successful goal scorer!  Alex is learning to pass to his teammates and made some terrific plays on the field.  He has a cannon for a leg and goalies have literally jumped out of his way when he shoots! 

Staying warm on the bench on this very cold, damp Fall day!

Way to go Sean and the Hotshots!

The brother duo - Alex & Sean with Charlie & Max!
Alex's team celebrating their 1st place victory!
 Sean celebrated Grayson's birthday party with bowling on Saturday and Nixon's birthday party at Stonefire Pizza this afternoon.  Those boys have so much energy! Sean had a super fun time playing all the games and activities, including the bumper cars.  Alex and Sean even gave the Ninja Warrior obstacle course a try but it's definitely a lot harder than it looks!
Sean and his friends :)

Playing games and winning prizes!

Sean, Brady and Alex on the Frog Hopper!

Here we go Ninjas!

Way to go Alex!

The look of fear!  Help Mom!!!

Let's go Seanie!!!
Back to school tomorrow!

Halloween Fun

We had so many fun Halloween festivities this year.  It's such a fun time of year that we all look forward to in the Fall.  We carved pumpkins...and just in time to display our spooky faces for Halloween.  Alex and Sean had a blast at their Halloween parties at school.  They both got to dress up and show off their costumes as they walked through each class in the parade.  Then there were silly games that followed and lots of yummy treats.  I was able to help out in the classroom to join in all the fun! 
Then we finished off the weekend trick-or-treating with our cousins!  Seanie wanted the scariest costume he could find.  After Mom vetoed the first ten he picked out, we ended up with a scary Reaper with green eyes that glow in the dark!  Alex wanted to be the bad guy this year so picked to be a convict!  They both rocked their costumes and had a great time running door to door! 
Seanie and his pumpkin :)

Cleaning out the guts!

The cop and robber!

Happy Halloween!!!

Seanie made this spider headband for me to wear :)

Grandpa & Sean and their scary faces :)

Trick or Treat!

We have taken over the neighborhood!

Mario and Luigi and friends!

The boys having fun!

Yikes!  Who needs a babysitter?

Taking a candy break!

Our favorite house on the block - Miss Lisa!

Grandma & Alex

Daddy & Sean :)

Alex & his friends at school.

Sean getting ready for the parade :)

Party time!

Decorating pumpkins!
Seanie and his friends :)

Wrap the mummy!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Birthday Parties

We were barely home this weekend - Celebrating birthdays, playing soccer, enjoying the 75 degree day on Saturday and playing at the Big Backyard with friends from Holy Apostles.  We celebrated Tyler's 8th birthday party with a cousin sleepover on Saturday night!  Thank you to the Brenton's - All seven kids under one roof and they managed to get a little sleep too!!!  Then we celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday down in Chicago this afternoon!  The boys each had a soccer game and scored some awesome goals so it was super fun to watch!  Where did the weekend go?!!
Seven little monkeys!
The birthday boys requested Brewers attire for the party!

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Alex taking a whack at the piƱata!

Sean's quickly filling up his bag full of candy!

Happy kids with their bags of candy :)
The Lucky Seven with Papa & Nana :)
Sleepover Time!  The boys took over the basement!!!
Such a cool Wrigley Field cake!  The boys were in heaven with all the yummy desserts!

Happy Birthday to Jack!!!
It gets so dark so early now but that doesn't stop the boys from playing catch.  I don't know how they see out there.  Some nights it's pitch dark and they're still throwing the ball around!!!  Sean's getting really good at catching.  Baseball is definitely our first love in the Michna house!!!
Playing catch as the sun goes down!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Apple Picking

We took the boys to Elegant Farmer on Sunday and had a great time apple picking!  Golden delicious seemed to be everyone's favorite!  The weather was warm, the apples were delicious and the crowds were minimal since we strategically went during the Packer game!  What a great way to spend a beautiful fall afternoon!!! 
Let's go pick some apples!
A little help from Mom :)
Alex found the best ones at the very top!

Seanie had fun climbing trees!
A fun, fall, family day had by all!!!

My cute little pumpkins :)

Muscle Man!
Alex and Sean were busy raising money for their school during the Charger Chase at Holy Apostles.  They are on a mission to build a new playground at school, among other things.  All the kids participated in the Charger Chase which was an obstacle course all over the school grounds.  The kids had a blast and the school raised over $42,000!  I think the kids are getting their new playground!  Thanks to all those that donated!!!
So glad to be part of this faith-filled community!

Alex and Tyler with the Charger!

Seanie having fun with his friends at the Charger Chase!
 The boys have been busy at school and learning a ton in Kindergarten and 3rd grade...

Sean and his big buddy :)

Alex and his class learning through the microscope!