Sunday, September 17, 2017

Brewers Game

We have been getting our fill of the Brewers this week.  We cheered them on at Wednesday night's game and then we went as a family this afternoon against the Miami Marlins and take advantage of the great deal on seats.  We watched an exciting game today and a couple foul balls came our way.  In fact, one was a line drive at the man sitting in front of us.  It hit him right in the gut and fell on his lap.  Guess who was the lucky boy that got to take that ball home...Seanie!  Oh, and we all made it on the jumbo tron!!  What a great afternoon at Miller Park!!!
Let's go Brewers!

We ran into Bernie Brewer on the way out!

What a nice catch!!!

My baseball boys :)

Goodnight Miller Park!

Spending an afternoon at the ballpark with my boys!

Seanie was so excited for this foul ball!

Hanging with my sweet Alex!
 The boys had a last minute sleepover with their cousin, Tyler, on Friday night.  They had a great time watching Boss Baby and then it was all giggles before they finally settled down around 11:00 PM!  Nothing better than a night of boy bonding!!! 
The three amigos!

Sleepovers are so much fun!!!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Soccer Season

Soccer season has officially started and I was super excited for game day!  Both boys played awesome!  Seanie played so aggressive!  He's a lot faster and stronger this year.  He scored FOUR goals and it was just the confident booster he needed!!! He was definitely having fun out there!  Alex played a great game too.  He's got such a strong leg and he's fast so he ended the game with three goals.  He understands the game better this year and plays with much more confidence!  I'm so proud of these boys!!!
My soccer boys!
Go Alex Go!!!

My little soccer stud!
Let's go, Sean!!!

This sweet girl was cheering her cousins on!

Piggy back rides!!!

A Ride of a Lifetime!

It was as Ride of a Lifetime for Dave and Papa Bob this afternoon at the Milwaukee Mile.  They got to ride shotgun in a Nascar stock car and race around the track at top speeds!  It was such a neat experience for them and so much fun for all of us to watch!  I think we had the biggest cheering section!!!
Cheering Dad on at the Milwaukee Mile!

Dave and Dad getting ready to race!

The kiddos thought it was pretty cool!

Papa Bob getting ready to race!
Seanie looking on at Papa Bob :)

All smiles and a thumbs up from Papa Bob!
Our cheering section!

Dave's turn!  Start your engines...

There's #15 is zipping around the race track!

A nice smile and wave from Dave when finished!

What a great experience for these two!

Seanie thought they looked like astronauts :)

Happy Grandparents Day!!!

Monday, September 4, 2017

First Week of School

Ready or not, summer is over and we are back in the school routine.  It's always a hard transition for everyone but I'm happy to say we have one week under our belts.  Sean is now in Kindergarten and Alex is in third grade at Holy Apostles School!!!  They were excited to start and see their friends.  I think it's going to be another great year for both of them!!! 
First Day of School

Anna, Tyler, Alex & Seanie

Bus line tradition...youngest to oldest :)

Look at all those smiling faces!!!
Momma and Sean at the birthday table to celebrate Aug/Sept birthdays!
 The parents even had a back-to-school party and it was a blast!!!

Cheers to us!

Brothers are permanent sleepover friends!

Sean celebrating his friend's birthday at Pump It Up!
We took the boys to watch the Brewers play the Nationals on Saturday night.  The walk to the stadium was a bit wet but we had umbrellas and survived.  Marwin Evans from the Green Bay Packers threw out the first pitch and the kids got to meet him and get his autograph and picture which was cool.  Also, Alex got the attention of Domingo Santana from the Brewers and Jason Werth from the Nationals with a wave hello from the outfield.  We had such a fun night at the ballpark!
Trying to stay dry outside of Miller Park!

Ready to cheer on the Brewers!

Seanie had to run off some energy in the play area!

So cool to meet Marwin Evans from the Packers!

Alex's Lemonade Stand :)

Seanie was a speedy beast running the bases at Miller Park!

There's Domingo Santana in right field right after he waved!
We had a fun, relaxing Labor Day at Uncle Paul and Aunt Pat's house.  The weather was gorgeous!  The kids had a great time playing kickball in the yard together.  We got to see Hunter again and we were amazed at how much bigger he grew in a month!  Such a fun day spent with family! 
The boys loved playing with Hunter!

These kiddos have so much fun together!
We are all so blessed to have each other!!!

We visited GG today too!  The boys love visiting her "hotel."

Monday, August 28, 2017

The last days of summer...

We have been busy cramming in the last days of summer before school officially started back up.  Alex had a week worth of fun at the Milwaukee Wave soccer camp earlier this month.  He can't wait for soccer to begin!  Seanie finished up his swim lessons this month.  He learned and mastered all of his strokes and advanced to level eight (out of ten) which is phenomenal!  He was so excited to go to the pool because I finally let him jump off the high dive!

Ready for swim!

Jumping off the high dive!
Cannon Ball!

Last pool day with Hailey and Logan!

Look who passed to level eight!!!

Soccer camp fun with cousins!

Jersey day!  Let's go Ronaldo!
Chumming it up with the Wave players and getting autographs on the final day.  Not only are they incredibly talented but such nice guys!  Alex had an absolute blast!

We crammed one more Brewers game in this summer.  The boys spent some afternoons building sand castles on the beach while Dad had fun with his metal detector.  They also got to go mini-golfing with Grandma Beyer and to the movies!  Lucky boys!!!

Cheering on the Brew Crew!
Mini-golfing with Grandma :)

Building cool sand castles at Bradford Beach!
We enjoyed a night out as a family and went to the Zoo a la Carte.  We had a great time checking out the animals and the food tents.  The music was great and we had to ride the train, of course.  Perfect way to end the summer!!!
Daddy and his boys :)

Momma and her two little monkeys :)

Taking a break to enjoy a slushy with Dad!

Riding the train!

Cuddles from my sweet Alex :)

Funnel cake for dessert!!!