Wednesday, April 4, 2018


 We had so much Easter fun this past weekend!  Alex & Sean colored Easter Eggs, even though Alex initially told me he was too old for that.  What?!  We hit up an Easter Egg hunt at Pick n Save and both boys found the magic eggs to win prizes.  We even braved the cold on Saturday morning for the Easter Egg hunt at Marx Park.  Everyone else bailed on us but like Alex said, "It's tradition!"

Coloring Easter Eggs

Cool color Dad!

Mixing up the colors for a creative egg!

Awesome Eggs!

Getting ready for the Easter Egg hunt...brr!

Happy Easter!!!

Alex woke up at 4:45 AM on Easter morning.  By the time I heard his footsteps, he was already waking Sean.  That's their deal on holidays.  Whoever wakes up first, wakes the other one.  I quickly chimed in and told both boys to go back to bed and thankfully they did for another hour or so.  Then it was time to find the hidden Easter baskets and the bunny was good to them!
The Easter bunny brought Alex a cool Giannis basketball card!
We celebrated Easter with the Michna's on Saturday.  We enjoyed a little "Taste of Tosa" and enjoyed all of our favorite Tosa foods including Lallies pizza and Chinese Pagoda!  Dave's parents are selling his childhood home which is bitter-sweet for everyone.  It was such a great home with so many happy memories!!! We're sure going to miss it!

Enjoying a Taste of Tosa

What a great home for this bunch!

Dave's favorite crab tree!

Playing checkers against Annie :)
Momma and her sweet boys!!!
 Easter was spent with the Beyers.  Papa and Nana hosted their annual Easter Egg hunt at their house and it did not disappoint.  We needed the cheat sheet to find a couple of the eggs:)  The cousins had an awesome time together and took turns playing the Wii.  There was minimal fighting which was a bonus so the adults could enjoy their wine and conversation!   
Happy Easter from the Michna's!

Love my handsome boys!

Surrounded by so much love!!!

Seanie found his Easter basket :)

Finding all the hidden eggs!

The eggs were filled with fun things!

The boys hanging together!
Playing Apple to Apples together :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


 Whoops!  And just like that March is almost over!  We were busy and the month flew by.  Here are some of our highlights…

Sean dressed up as The Cat in the Hat to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday.  I have to say he made a pretty cute Cat in the Hat, especially since the costume was impromptu and last minute.  It was Sean’s idea to double layer the black and white shirt and cut a hole in the middle.  That kid has some good ideas!
Celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday!

Trying to impersonate The Cat in the Hat :)

Alex made it to several Bucks games this month, thanks to Uncle Rob sharing his extra tickets.  That kid could go to a game every night and it wouldn’t ever get old.  So I took Alex on a Friday night a couple weeks ago.  Since it wasn’t a school night, we stayed for the whole game and took our time leaving.  On the way out, we noticed a small crowd gathering by the player’s parking lot and a row of fancy cars getting ready to drive away.  So we waited around to see what the excitement was all about.

It was neat to see the Bucks players walk to their cars and drive away.  Some waved at us as they drove off.  Then Giannis came walking out from the arena to his car.  As he pulls out of the parking lot, he waves us over to his car window.  We run over there and Alex is right beside him.  At this point, my camera battery has died and my phone has no more storage left so I’m unable to take pictures or video.  More devastating, we have nothing for Giannis to sign because we hadn’t planned to see him.  So I give Alex my pink backpack and tell him to borrow a sharpie.  Well the backpack gets caught on the security guard’s walkie talkie and by the time he jiggles it free, Giannis was done signing autographs and drove away.  It was a long, tearful walk back to our car but a memorable night none the less. 

Cheering on the Bucks with my boy :)

Let's go Bucks!

Up close with Bango!
St. Patrick's Day is always so much fun.  Sean made some really cool Leprechaun traps at home and at school.  We thought we'd catch him this year but no such luck.  Lenny the Leprechaun left a rainbow trail of candy gummies and a block of gold for Alex and Sean.  We'll try again next year!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
Yummy Shamrock Shakes!!!

The trap is set!  This way to GOLD....

Sean's digging out his gold from the Leprechaun!  So cool :)

Sean had a fun time last weekend at Pump It Up for Elsie's birthday with his other classmates.  He is always so full of energy!!!  He's really starting to look and act older these days.  It's hard to believe he's almost done with Kindergarten.  Sean is working so hard this year at school and I'm so proud of him.  He's starting to read and his sight words are coming along :)  His teacher always has nice things to say about him!  Keep up the good work, Seanie!!! 
The crazy 5K bunch!

Sean and his friend, Tyler :)
 Alex had to read a chapter book and create a 3D model as part of his book report.  He worked hard on it and I think he did a fantastic job.  He picked a book about baseball, of course :)  But it had a lot more meaning and depth than just baseball so I think Alex learned a lot by having to explain his project to his class and write out a story map of the important events in the book.  Great job, Alex!

Alex's 3D book report!
 Grandma & Grandpa Michna went to Spring Training in Arizona a few weeks ago and had a great time.  They brought Alex & Sean back a baseball filled with signatures from the Brewers and some other cool things.  They were two very happy boys!!!  Thanks for thinking of us!
Autographed baseballs and matching hats!
Spring is finally here!  Can it warm up now?!!
A little friendly game of family basketball :)

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Division Champs!

Alex and his A+ Basketball team finished the season as Division Champions!  The boys played hard and it was fun to see how they all improved over the year.  Alex had his best game a few weeks ago and scored 13 points, including a buzzer beater three-point shot.  He improved so much this past year, especially with his dribbling skills and shooting.  He dominated on defense and grabbing those rebounds.  Way to go, Alex!
Division Champs!

Holy Apostles crew!

Thanks for the support Uncle Gary, Papa Bob & Nana!
So proud of you, Alex!

 Alex woke up this morning and said, "Mom, it's a beautiful day outside."  And it was so that called for a family game of baseball in the front yard.  It felt refreshing to run around outside and not be freezing cold.  Come on Spring!

Kids vs Parents

Seanie had to show off his cool, new kicks :)

 It was Red, White and Blue day at school last week to honor Presidents Day.  It was only fitting to wear their USA shirts to support the Olympic games going on!

Let's go USA!

The Michna brothers :)

 We went sledding a few weeks ago and I forgot to post our pictures.  It never seemed like the timing of the snowfall was right or it was always too cold to sled.  But we finally got it in!  The boys and I met Logan and Aunt Jenny at the hill and we had a blast.    Alex and Sean were pooped out after so it was well worth it!  We'll see if we sneak another sledding day in this year!

I found out the night before (due to a lost note) that we had to make a Valentine's Day box for Sean's Valentine's Day party.  Well Sean didn't want any old box, he wanted a bubble-gum looking box.  Let me tell you, I don't work great under pressure!  A couple hours later, we assembled some misfit boxes and a ream of paper to make Seanie his bubble-gum looking Valentine's Day box.  He was a happy boy so that's all that mattered in the end :)   

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Papa!!!

We celebrated Papa turning 70 years old on Friday with a family dinner at Buck Bradley's and then a Bucks victory over the Knicks.  The Bucks barely pulled it off with a game winning shot by our favorite, Giannis Antetokounmpo!  The grandkids put together a jar full of 70 of their favorite Papa memories.  It was overflowing and they could have kept on going!  Happy Birthday to the most amazing man in our life and the ROCK of our family. We love you beyond words!!!  XOXO 
Papa Bob and Alex :)

Seanie and his Papa!

Ice cream sundae for the birthday boy and seven little ones :)

Happy Birthday to the best Papa in the world!

Sean and Daddy at the Bucks game!
Alex and Tyler cheered so loud!

Sean and Logan having fun together!
Last week was Catholic Schools Week and the school planned so many fun activities for the kids. They went bowling with their buddies on Monday.  Tuesday was mix-match day where the kids got to play fun trivia games.  Wednesday was pajama day and they were treated to pancakes, sausage and fruit for lunch.  Thursday was spirit day and we ended the week with a family dinner and Bingo night at Holy Apostles.  It was a busy week but full of so much fun!   
Spirit Day!  Let's go Chargers!!!
Mix-Match Day!  Alex went with a variety of MLB apparel and
Sean wore everything backwards...including his pants!!!
Tough guy!

Bowling fun with buddies :)

Alex having fun with his friends!

Seanie and his friend, Tyler, and Bingo night!

Alex and Tyler were lucky winners at Bingo!
 Alex and Sean get so excited anytime they see a blanket of snow.  They love playing outside and never seem to get cold.  More is on it's way so get ready boys!  Hopefully we can get out and do some sledding one of these days!  Embracing winter while we can!
Lovin' the snow!

Those are some red cheeks!

Snow much fun!

Snuggles with Annie on these cold, winter days! xoxo