Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Happy New Year!

We wrapped up the year with some fun activities with the boys and made the most of our last vacation days together at home.  We watched the Milwaukee Wave play soccer on New Years Eve.  We had a great time at the game.  The worst part was the walk downtown from our car in zero degree temperatures!  Brrr!  Alex and Sean wanted to stay up until midnight but they could barely keep their eyes open at 10:30 so we decided to celebrate with New York City instead at 11:00 PM.
Dad had a fun break with the boys.  They enjoyed playing with all of their neat toys from Christmas.  They spent one day at Chuck E Cheese playing games and winning prizes.  I spent the last day of vacation home with the boys so we went to Helium to burn off some energy.  The remodeled the place and now they have a lot of Ninja Warrior activities which were pretty cool for the boys.  I think there favorite was The Wipeout but Sean also tried the ropes course. He was the smallest one in the maze and ran into some trouble but kept his cool and made it through.  I was so proud of him!
Dinner at Café Hollander

Celebrating New Years Eve with the Wave :)

We just couldn't quite make it to midnight!
Chuck E Cheese time!

Having fun at Helium!

Seanie made it to the top!  Let's see those muscles!!!

Powering through the Ropes Course!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Merry Christmas!!!

We crammed every bit we could into the last few days leading up to Christmas and it was a blast!  I was able to help out in Alex's 3rd grade classroom where the kids made gingerbread houses.  Seanie took a class field trip to the movies to see The Grinch Stole Christmas to get him in the holiday spirit!
Then we started a new tradition this year called "Elf Day" and took the boys shopping for each other.  The boys really put a lot of thought in picking out gifts.  First, Alex and Dad shopped for Mom and Mom and Sean shopped for Dad.  Then we swapped and Alex and Mom shopped for Sean and Dad and Sean shopped for Alex.  We had such a great time bumming around the mall together!
Making Gingerbread houses!

Lounging at the movies!

Red/Green Day at School :)

Seanie couldn't resist the big cuddly teddy bears!

Of all the treats at the mall and this is what Sean wanted!

Our first Elf Day at the mall!

So much fun shopping with my boys :)

Having fun in the toy store :)

The presents were a success and everyone was happy!
Christmas Eve was spent with the Michnas.  We were extra excited to see Mark because he was home from college and we haven't seen him since August!  We visited GG and opened presents and played games.  We cherished every moment and the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve with the people we love most!

Seanie missed his buddy Mark!

Visiting GG on Christmas Eve!

Enjoying a "kiddie cocktail."

Sean was Daddy's Secret Santa :)

Mark was Alex's Secret Santa :)

Grandma and her two handsome grandsons!!!

Snuggles on Christmas Eve!
Nothing beats Christmas morning with two excited boys in the house waking up to a find Santa had come!  Their plan before bed was to wake each other in the morning.  I can't say it was Sean's fault when he woke Alex at 2:45 AM thinking it was morning since he can't quite tell time yet!  So it was an early morning for everybody but totally worth it to see the excitement on Alex and Sean's faces as they unwrapped the presents Santa had left for them.  There is seriously no greater joy for a parent!
Santa came!

Alex got the PS4 game he asked Santa for!

Christmas morning!

So many cool presents!

So excited to get a Hatchimal from Santa!

Alex's very own claw machine!

Awesome!  The Titanic in Legos!

Sean's amazed!  He's hatching...
Christmas Day was spent with the Beyers.  Grandpa & Grandma's living room was filled with presents and the cousins were all so excited to find out who their Secret Santa was.  What a fun day filled with so many laughs and endless stories!  We are truly blessed to be surrounded by family that loves us so much!!!

Papa & Nana with their Lucky Seven!

The kiddos are ready to open presents!

The excitement is so fun to watch!

Papa Bob and Seanie :)

Hugs to Alex from Nana :)

Three cute little elves :)

Hailey and her Victoria Secret box!!!

Katelyn absolutely loves this game!!!

Miss Anna got a poop machine from her brother!!!

These handsome boys are checking out the Christmas train!

Merry Christmas from the Michnas!

Happy Retirement to Aunt Gail :)

The boys hanging out together!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Christmas Festivities

Where does the time go, especially during Christmas season!  We had a busy week including two Christmas concerts for Sean and Alex.  The boys looked adorable and were not shy singing!  They did such a fantastic job and really puts you in the Christmas spirit!

Sean and his classmates!  So adorable!!!
Seanie made us a really cool Christmas ornament to hang on our tree!

Next up were the big kids at Holy Apostles!

Singing their little hearts out!

Thanks for coming Papa and Nana!

Christmas Around the World
St. Nick came and left our house a few weeks ago leaving the boys with some super cool items in their stocking.  Buddy the Elf has been keeping his eye on Alex and Sean and reporting back to Santa each night.  We've been enjoying the little snow that has fallen so far.  The boys can't wait for more to go sledding!  We also got to decorate Christmas cookies and had fun frosting, shaking sprinkles everywhere and eating them!
I'm on Santa's Awesome List!

Too Awesome to be on the Naughty List!
Decorating Christmas sugar cookies!

My two creative Elves!

Lovin' the snow!
 Dave and I had a fun night out at my company Christmas party this past weekend!  We had such a great time and shared so many laughs throughout the night!  I am so blessed to be able to work with friends that feel like family to me. 
We also celebrated Greg's retirement after 27 years of dedicated work at Prime.  It feels bitter-sweet!  We are so happy for him but we'll miss his comic relief in the office!  He is one of those people that could always brighten our moods!  Congrats to you, Greg!  You deserve all the best!!!   

Date Night and kid-free!
So many laughs!

Happy Retirement Greg!!!
 We took Alex and Sean to cheer on the Wave last week.  It was fun to watch and neat that Alex knew some of the players from his Wave camp.  After the game, we were able to go on the field and get pictures and autographs.  It made our day, especially since both boys got to meet their favorite Wave player, Ian Bennett.
Let's go Wave!

Sean thought it was so cool to get autographs.

Alex and Ian Bennett

Congratulating the Wave players on their win!

Checking out the goal.  So cool!
 Alex worked really hard the last eight weeks on a project for school.  Each student had to research a different country and learn about their country's Christmas traditions.  Alex randomly was assigned Germany which was cool because he could tell the class that his Dad was born there.  So parents were invited to watch as the kids presented their projects.  Alex did an incredible job!  He was confident and spoke loud and clear.  He knocked it out of the park!  I was so proud of him!!!
Christmas in Germany
 My famous husband was the "feature photographer" again on Channel 6 News the other night for his meteor shower photograph that he stayed up until 1:00 AM to capture!  He was so proud of himself!  Thanks Tom Wachs for the credit!  It's cool to see Dave's picture get recognition!
Awesome picture!